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but we're watching to the west for maryland's most powerful radar. our showers and storms moving toward cumberland and making their way into baltimore and that will happen into the overnight. hazy and humid. you have a great looking evening in the city. across maryland, annapolis, the central part of the state, again late tonight the showers and storms arrive. we'll talk about that and break down the weekend in just minutes. kelly. >> thank you. >>> in other news tonight, police in anne arundel county say teenage girls became prey for one registered sex offender. tonight they are all safe but abc 2 news don harrison reports on how the suspect brought the girls to his home and why this should serve as a warning for every parent. >> reporter: this is the house where james mason iii was arrested early thursday morning in the 1500 block of st. margarets road. mason was charged with several counts, including second-degree rape, perverted practices and contributing to a minor. mason is registered as a violent sex offender with the state of maryland. mason went to dundalk to pick up the girls
couple of days. a water main break in potomac, maryland that has south glen road closed between lorton and glen road road. and river is the alternate once again. on the outer loop things are slowing down between colesville road and georgia avenue. for beach goers throughout, yeah it is the weekend, 50 eastbound, things are looking good for you. on the inner loop in virginia, things are clear out here. sun is trying to rise. on the outer loop, we are finding a slow go to telegraph. and 50 to 123 is how we wrap it up. building more volume and delay is on the way. back to you. >>> this morning, police in the district are investigating a double shooting. it happened just hours ago. the story is new this morning. kristin fisher is live with the latest. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. so far police are not saying anything about suspects. all we know is that two people, two young men, according to neighbors, are fighting for their lives in a local hospital. they are both reported to be in serious if not critical condition. as for right now, you can see that at least
as we started last week. this is our hometown fridays tour. we are in southern maryland this morning in leonardtown, maryland. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. >>> it is friday, july 9th. welcome to fox 5 morning news. every friday this month, we are taking the show live to communities across our region. today, again, we sit in leonardtown, maryland. the county seat for st. mary's county. and the beginnings of what would become this fantastic and really friendly city that we're in this morning stretch back to 1654. >> so there is some 350-plus years of history to cover. to do that, we've done a lot of homework. we have learned a lot about this but we'll go right to the experts. of a been here since yesterday afternoon. a lot of folk know their history here. we'll find out about some of the history of leonardtown coming up from some of those who actually live here. that is coming up later this hour. also, much like any city on the water, leonardtown's location plays a big part in where it has been and where it is going. there is a big push to revitalize the wharf. ho
solicitandrmacion... trabaj a marcha forzada en la reparacion de dos tuberias en rockville maryland las autoridades del condado de montgomery continuan solicitando a que los residentes mantengan las restricciones del uso del agua la reparacion de la tuberia a noche como a las ocho y media nos llamaron que vineramos a trabajar y aca ya tenemos 24 horas de estar trabajando porque supuestamente estamos parados por que no han venido los repuestos trajeron unos pero salieron bien malos supuestamente no sabemos hasta que horas vamos a trabajar aca en la noche... con una excavacion de profundidad de mas de 5 pies leo sanchez dice conocer el motivono hay una version oficial sobre cual fue el motivo principal por la cual la tuberia tuvo que ser reemplazada de emergencia lo que se ha determinado preeliminarmentracione solucion de cloro para asegurarse que el agua sea cienporciento potable ensilver spring maryland jose angel aguirre univision
has maryland's ties. >> one of the four men being sent back to the u.s. from russia owns a house in baltimore county. david collins is live with more in cockeysville with this late breaking development. >> his house is secluded behind a patch of woods. you really need to know where to look in order to find it. this is the home he reportedly bought in 2001. he is a former colonel in russia's foreign intelligence agency. he retired in 1997 and moved to the u.s. russian authorities suspected he shared classified information with u.s. intelligence services. he was arrested on his return to russia in 2001. according to a neighbor, his late wife's parents live there and he also had relatives in russia. russian media linked him to exposing former fbi agent robert hansen and another man as spies. both were convicted of spying for russia. >> the wife lived here when we moved in, and she was a wonderful neighbor. >> his family declined to answer the door. they called baltimore county police to ask us to leave. we'll have more on the story coming up tonight at 11. >> now we have an update o
well. in potomac, maryland a water main break has the road closed. use river as the alternate. moving to the beltway on the outer loop in beltway, you are doing fine. inner loop watch for construction near the route 1 college park exit. we are tracking the trip 95 southbound. at 198 construction is taking away the left lane. 395 in virginia doing just fine. construction near seminary and one hour drive is what we are looking at out of fredericksburg to the springfield interchange. over to you. >>> right now, dc police are searching for clues in an overnight double shooting. it happened around 12:30 this morning in the 3500 block of 19th street southeast. police arrived to find two people suffering from gunshot wounds. one was said to be in grave condition. the second was believed to be in serious condition. >>> local utility companies are asking their customers to conserve electricity. this after a week of extreme heat has led to high demand for electricity. that intense demand in the underground tunnels fried 200 feet of cable. that knocked out power to hundreds of customers for days
water. >> weather officials say most of central maryland is experiencing a moderate agricultural drought. it is the hottest and driest it has been at this point in the summer in 22 years. the hot weather has prompted the maryland transit authority to extend tir hot line. they will take phone calls until 11:00 p.m.. officials say that is how it will stay. the number is 1800325rail. it was hardly a day at the beach after a whale carcass washed ashore. the remains were spotted yesterday afternoon. it is not known what kind of whale it was, or what might have caused its death. it was the biggest costs by swap since the cold war. 10 russians were exchanged for pick four russians who admitted to spying for the west. -- for four russians who admitted to spying for the west. we have more from moscow. >> today's successful swy -- spy swap is a testament to how both countries want to put this incident behind them. they have been focusing on the improving relationship between the two countries. we have seen salty language and tough rhetoric. this morning, the russian ministry of foreign affairs put
in our direction. we've got two systems from opposite sides that will merge right here across maryland. that will spell out hefty rains tonight and tomorrow. we begin to see the chance of showers and storms popping up going for the two degree guaranteed high of 92. the showers and storms that start to develop this evening become more widespread tomorrow. more on that coming up. right now, 5:10. here's kim brown. >>> we have police activity in ferndale. also some water main break issues persisting in baltimore city. westbound pulaski highway continues to be closed. they are still working on the water main break repair. not affecting your drive time so far. no problems southbound. 95 southbound running well three minutes from the beltway to the split. now only five minutes from the split right now. as we look around the area, traffic moving very well at sandy point. you won't find any problems headed towards 495 and 95. megan and jamie, back to you. >>> all right. the latest now on the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. a blimp owned by a company here in maryland will fly over the area s
iii of annapolis, a registered violent sex offender in maryland. and his involvement with four young teenagers girls. he had developed a relationship with one of the girls on myspace. on july 7, mace and arrange to pick up the girl and three of her friends in dundalk. police say he then drove the girl's back to this home in the 1500 block of st. margaret's road in annapolis were you dropped off three of the girls and took the fourth, a 13-year- old, arrau -- out to get some food. police say he had sex with the girl in his car and then at the home when they got back. one of girls got scared and texted her parents. >> she subsequently began text messaging a family member. that family member immediately contacted baltimore county police. >> friday, 11 news went to the home which is not mason's residents to find out more. police say to acquaintances of his were there at the time but were not arrested. >> my name is lowell melser work with wbal-tv in baltimore. i just want to know if you could comment -- >> no answers there. we receive the same treatment at another residence. >> we unders
, maryland." i'm jamie costello. >> i'm peggen pringle and it is friday. there was a cooldown yesterday. you were talking about yesterday, now this, i can deal with. i thought, i can't. >> i don't remember that. [ laughter ] >>> meteorologist, justin berk here. >> was i talking weather? >> yes. >> high 90s definitely that string of hot weather will start to taper off. we'll do so more so over the next couple of days. one thing you will notice is we are starting to talk about some rain and we desperately need rain as drought conditions and building all that heat. no storms will do that for new july. a coastal storm movessenland, makes it more humid today and developing showers and thunderstorms becoming more widespread over the next couple of days. one thing i want to point out to you right now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we have noticed showers in northern and sections of carroll county. we have a band pushing around the bay near aberdeen. it's possible we could have sprinkles around the bay this morning. really, the storms we expect to develop will be this afternoon and becomi
back out to leonardtown maryland to check in with tony and allison. good morning. >> good morning to you. thank you very much. once again this morning we are in leonardtown, maryland, in st. mary's county. we are kindly joined this morning by the mayor, she's been mayor for years, jay norris. and everybody calls you chip. and we've all been saying it's a charming town and with some of the nicest people we've ever met. >> that's nice to say. i know that. i grew up here and my wife group up here. >> we were talking about how picturesque here. it wasn't always like that. this town went through a valley before it got back to up to the peak we are today. homeless tents where we sit some years ago. >> unfortunately that's true. the town was established in 1708 and it's hard for people to imagine in today's world but it was established because it was the center of the county, it was established for the courts and also established because it's a deepwater port. but it has been around for 250 years. and things changed the town, one was the pax river and the orange thing, and i think the bi
a lot. >>> the heat this week claimed two more deaths in maryland. the latest heat-related death is a baltimore city senior citizen and a prince george's county senior who died that has been contributed to heat. all were found inside homes without air-conditioning and room temperatures above 90 degrees. this brings the number of heat deaths in maryland up to 10. >>> and now to the gulf oil spill and word that's a new containment cap may stop the flow by monday. that could still leave millions of gallons to be cleaned up. but the government said bp may be able to use a new containment cap to contain the spill by monday. though drilling wells is a much more permanent solution, that could take weeks to complete. >> it could be sooner than that. we would be delighted if it would be but right now the government estimate continues to be the middle of august. >> meanwhile bp hopes to hook up a third shift, the hellism, to burn more gas. if the process works it could double the current count of 24,000 captured barrels a day. government has ordered bp to provide a back-up plan for wells t
. >>> coming up next here on fox 5 morning news, we're headed back to leonardtown, maryland for our home town friday. and tony and allison are learning about a little flair of french when we come back. ♪ ♪ >>> we're back. >> hey. how are you? >> and thank you. i ran down there, it was right down on fenwick. they hooked me up with some hair products. thank you so much. i love you. i'm serious. cindy hooked me up. >> allison has been asking the crowd, anybody have any hair products. and then i took matters into my own hands. >> we have in front of a fine french restaurant here in leonardtown, maryland for home town friday. and we're joined by chef -- i want to say this correctly. you are from france. >> i am from france. i'm from brittany. >> and this is chef lowice capay. >> that's correct. >> and how long have you been here? >> in leonardtown, ten years. >> and what brought you here. >> you'll be surprised. love. >> i saw your wife. i'm not surprised. >> i was talking about the town. >> where is his wife? >> carlene. >> carlene, may we see you. >> hi, carlene. >> is he okay? >> he's the b
have it bad in this heat, the animals at the maryland zoo in baltimore are sweating it out with you. zoo employees are keeping a close watch on all the animals, keeping them busy an providing cool treats every few days, like this giant popsicle that they have, they have been giving to elvis the otter, right there. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. >>> after days of sizzling heat temperatures near 1 # 0 address, could some really finally be on the way? we ask dwight everhart. >> step outside, you already feel the difference from the last several nights, the heat wave is breaking as we speak. it will improve, it follows into saturday. 83 downtown, 82 in annapolis, and 75 cool degrees over in dover, and spots like ocean city, awfully cool down on the eastern shore. good for those folks down that way. 94 was the high today at the inner harbor, frederick always the hot spot it seems this week, but still 6 degrees cooler than yesterday. a few clouds blowing in out of the east. a few storms staying well to our west. that likely changes by tomorrow, an early look at your forecast for tomorrow
. since the opinion is based on a 1952 law, marriages before then are not affected. >>> a maryland family raises concerns about a cancer cluster. >>> and this morning police in california are trying to keep rioting over a popular court verdict under control. >>> and this morning there's jubilation in one nba city and disgust in others after league mvp lebron james announces where he will play next season. we'll be right back. you are watching 9 news now. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before. this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road. >>> welcome back. making your way to the district, notice the nice and quiet commute. hey, let's keep it that way. we have more traffic coming up. stay with us. >>> in the news now, police in oakland, california -- california have been making arrests all night long in an effort to quell rioting in the city them protester i don't see upset over the involuntary manslaughter conviction for a transit police officer w
information is available and 410-539-5000 and online at www.mta.maryland.gov. now back to sandra shaw. >> i hope your doing well. we are monitoring some showers and storms over the ohio valley and great lakes area. a cold front will slip to the southeast mainly into tonight and throughout tomorrow morning. it will file it break down this heat wave we have had. yesterday was hot. we still hit 95 degrees and had a triple digit heat index. today will be a little better. it's 78 degrees currently downtown. 75 at the airport. very muggy. anytime you have dew points in the low 70's, that means there is a lot moisture in the atmosphere. when the front gets to hear, there will be something to work with. better chance of seeing some significant rainfall tomorrow morning. a significant shot of some showers in the mountains of western maryland. 89, 10 degrees warmer here around central maryland. a slight chance for an isolated shower or storm. in looks like inland 90 degrees and a chance of storms spirit a little cooler at the beach, 83 degrees. keep an eye on the sky for the pop-up storms. waves only
. we need a coastal storm off the carolinas moving inland. all ganging up on maryland and may break this pattern at least briefly. we've had showers already. not much else going on across the area. we've had sprinkles show up. we are looking at temperatures in joppa right now. down towards annapolis and eldersburg and reisterstown. there's 74. follow the wake-up window at the bottom of the screen because we will introduce showers and heavy storms over the next two days. >>> right now, kim brown talks about the traffic. >> thanks, justin. we don't have any traffic nor do we have delays. we have a handful of row houses. a disabled vehicle is blocking the left side of the bay bridge on the westbound side. water main bridge at pulaski highway on highland street has been open. we lack at our cameras this morning. traffic okay on the beltway. no issues on the outer loop at old court road. inner loop lanes looking good as well. traffic is doing well. here 95 both directions at 195 in arbutus. no problems southbound headed toward the capital beltway. looking at our drive times all in the g
-related deaths in maryland. one victim died this week in baltimore city. the other died in june. both were elderly and had underlying medical conditions. they were found in homes without air conditioning. that brings the total of heat- related deaths this year to 10. >>> meanwhile, the summer's hot temperatures are bringing big trouble across the state. about two-thirds of maryland are in an agricultural drought declaration. they are described as moderate drought to abnormally dry. let's look live outside right now. and looking at the big flags on federal hill. and you can see the drivers outside today. and i don't know about rain. let's go to the weather center now. bob turk is tracking live doppler radar. bob? >> we have showers around. not anything in the baltimore region. east of us, and west of us, right now, we're kind of caught in between. but looks like things will be improving tonight and tomorrow. a few showers over the eastern shore. a little down around the salisbury. not a whole lot. but the bulk of the activity going on out west. region. that's where the bulk of our rain woul
75 degrees. we've got a cold front to the west and ganging up here in maryland. just follow the wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. we'll have a quick peek at the forecast in a moment. right now, here's kim brown. >> hopefully this morning as you make your way through park heights, cold spring lane will look better. as the rush hour move as long, can you expect delays in that area. traffic is okay around the big roadways. this is 695 at hear road. outer loop and inner loop traffic is picking up. no issues in between the beltways, no problems as you head towards the tunnels, either. as we look at the maps and drive times, we're going to find only one crash working in the area right now as you make your way southbound on 95, three minutes down towards the 895 split. across the key bridge on the outer loop, it will take you nine minutes to make it to 97. one accident that will be westbound span of the bay bridge. coming across the eastern shore, this could affect you. traffic gets by without any major problems to the right. megan and jamie, back to you. >>> many of the
. tucker is out with the rest of the crew in leonardtown in maryland if our hometown fridays but gwen is here. how sweet it was to look outside and see the raindrops on the windshield. >> we say we don't want rain. we want nice weather. but we need the rain desperately right now. let's begin with a look at our maps. you can see there is some precipitation well off to the east offshore and also off to our west. we have a little circulation going on there. for today, we are talking mostly sunny skies. there is a slight chance this afternoon especially to our west that we could see a thunderstorm or two pop up. it is a 20% chance right now. if it happens, it will be later this afternoon. other than that, we to have mostly sunny skies across the area. here is a look at your current temperatures right now. 77degrees at national airport. we've got 75 at baltimore and 75 at tull less. even early this morning, we are starting to get that warm, humid air in place. 77degrees at fredericksburg. as we move into the course of the day, it will pretty much stay that way. we have a code orange air qu
. >> maryland ttansit administration said the time has come for a change. trainn now. the call center is staying open longer and buses, are on standby if trains abreakdown. mta said it is trying to leaan %->> so mta has a new plan in place, and they said it is -reat. and today before they come in here, they have to have a plan of their own. work early today to make sure to make an appointment this evening. -> trains will continuu to run ssower than usual during extreme heat. otherwise tracks could buckle and cause trains to derail. that's not a new practice even though passsngers think it is outdated. >> i don't know why maryland cannot run a train. we know whht the weather is like in the summer. >> now we know these new3 procedures will continue as long as temperatures are in the 90s. >> that's fine. as long as i get where i have to go. joel d. smmih, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the city's cooling centers rrmain open whileewe are under a cooe red heat alert. cool 70 here aa the john booth senior center on eaton avenue today. people that work here ssyythey all theecooling centers innthe city were o
. vic? >> that it will, bob. >>> tonight, most of maryland is in the early stages of the drought. first warning weather coverage continues now with mike schuh, and more on how the dry conditions are affecting farmers around the state. >> reporter: farmer the across maryland are concerned that their crops are going to turn as brown as this hillside. they need rain. and they need it now. >> reporter: this is the sound of survival. lucky to have irrigation to tide him through this drought. he's throwing water on his crops to get enough moisture to keep them alive. >> i can't salvage everything. but we'll do what we can. >> reporter: moving all of this water is expensive. by the time he fuels the farm's tank, if the clouds don't drop rain, he'll see them again next week. >> when you start to make your own rain and not what the good lord gives us every day, you see him a lot. >> reporter: the expense bill is worth it, if he doesn't lose the crops on his 700 acres. >> watermelons are called water- melons for a reason. they need a lot of water. i'm nursing what i have. >> reporter: for 500 gal
be diminished. i'm lindsey mastis in waldorf, maryland. a 13-year-old boy nearly drown in this pool. dwayne is known as the jokester of the family but when he talked about what happened on july 4th he gets very serious. >> i remember me under water trying to come back up. >> dwayne's family said he was on the kind of the pool and he must have swallowed a lot of water and passed out. no one knows how long he was underwater. family members pulled him out of the pool. melvin and antonio are trained medics. >> they rushed him to the hospital after cpr for seven minutes. >> it is a miracle. >> he is speaking out hoping his story helps other families. >> be careful and don't let the little ones get around the deep end. >> reporter: very good advice. one man is dead and another is in the hospital after a shooting in southeast early this morning. dc police found the first victim, 19-year-old stanley dawson in the 3500 block of 19th street. dawson was taken to the hospital but he died from his injuries. officers found a sec shooting victim on the 3400 block of stanton road. the person was take on th
of relentless heat compou compounded by humidity. thousands in d.c., maryland and virginia found themselves without power. a busy commercial section lost power for much of the day. >> starting on the other side of 13th street, some manholes that did pop. we probably have burnt cable. we're going to splice, repair the damage. try to get it done this evening. >> reporter: harry thomas jr. says his constituents are frustrated and he and others want answers. >> we're glad they're calling an emergency hearing on this, but we're reviewing the process if place and wonder why this should happen because our most vulnerable citizens and those with health issues are now in pearl. >> reporter: he said he would like to see the city open more cooling centers. back to you. >> thanks. >>> now, veronica johnson joins us when we'll get a break. >> it's coming. just hang on. the record for today, 100 degrees. 95 at reagan national, we flirt wd the record heat again and well above the average of 88 degrees. so, 95, cooler than yesterday, but the humidity was sky high all day long. persistently high with dew po
. there is a couple of storms on the lower eastern shore but the maryland powerful radar picking up storms in the far western territory, in the high territory toward cumberland and staying hazy and in the 80s. but into the overnight period and into the day tomorrow, the chance for rain will be there. rain that we really need around here. we'll talk about that and how your complete weekend breaks down in a couple of minutes. >>> a disturbing story but one we hear when the weather gets hot. a lab tore retriever has died after being left in a hot car in the cosco parking lot. they said it was 104 degrees outside of the time. it is against state law to leave an animal unattended in a car in a manner that endangers health and safety. it is under investigation. >>> and baltimore police is asking for your help to track down this woman. she has robbed five banks in the last two weeks. most recent was an m&t bank on blair road. there has been turned over to the fbi because of several robbers -- robberies in a short amount of time. if you know anything call 866-7- lockup. >>> crews have recovered two bodies fr
'll be sentenceded in auggst. >>> new information tonight in the death of former high sshool star from maryland. the body f yardly love a senior at the university of virginia wassfound in her charlottesville apaatmmnt back ún may. former boyfriend george has been harged in her wassmissing but police say love's family turned the shirt into them a couple days after they tried to find it. >>> and after ore than a week of corchiig heat finally a typical summer day here in ballimore. week filled with record setting temperatures topping 100 degrees three times thh dangerously hot weather as allo responsible for several deaths. state officials now lame 10 deaths so far this year on he hot weatter including one in baltimore where a woman was found innide a houus ith no air onditioning. >> for those who havv air conditioning there's a good channe it was working over time thii week and those p ge bills will be bii ones. they with one man cost cutting here secret. jeff? >>reporter: well how much was your bge bill last month for one homeowner thh bill caae to 18 dollars. it was no mistake
'm trying to say. you don't want to miss that. leonardtown, maryland coming up at 6:00 this morning. are they dealing with a little bit of rain showers in that area too. >> there will be just a little bit down to the south but mainly we will see most of the wet weather kick in late into the course of tonight more than anything else. right now, here is a look at satellite-radar composite. we have the spin going around across the area and just a few showers to our far west but we are looking at a chance of seeing some of that later today but tonight will be our primary time but as far as today is concerned, things are pretty clear out there as far as the skies are concerned so not a whole lot going on. here is a look at your current temperatures. 77degrees at national airport. 77 at baltimore. 76 at dulles and 78 degrees this hour already at winchester. and for today, we are still talking humid conditions. thunderstorms by tonight. late this afternoon, by tonight is what we're talking about. mainly, i think it will fob the majority of our area, it will be like after midnight more than
heat is responsible for death tonight. maryland officials say there are two more heat-related illnesses in the state. one died this week. the other died in june. both had serious underlying conditions and were found inside their homes without air conditioning. some relief tonight from the heat as there was a slight drop in temperatures. a live look outside now shows clouds moving in, as well as a chance of thunderstorms. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bob turk is tracking live doppler radar. >>> a lot of shower activity going on. take a look at radar. all across the western areas of our region. a lot of showers showers and storms. all moving slowly off to the east. hopefully we'll get some of this activity late tonight. right now, northeast of us, a few light, pop-up showers, and down to the southeast of the baltimore region. a nice little batch of thundershowers. route 50 between salisbury vienna and cambridge. and we're looking forward to this. moving into our region late tonight. we hope to get at least a pretty good dose of rain into tomorrow morning. some areas co
texto a familiares pidiendo ayuda, strada las olas hasta la playa de ocean city, en maryland... la ballena jorovada de 35 pies de largo fue arrastrada por las olas hasta la costa anoche, lo que genero una fuerte pestilencia en esa zona... autoridades planean devolverla a las profundidades de las aguas en las proximas horas... el fluido electrico ha sido restabwashington y moscu completan el canje de espias detalles al volver. en el mejor estilo de la guerra fria, washington y moscu compron hoy el canje de se produo en una sector alejado del aeropuerto de viena..entre los deportados a rusia esta la periodista de origen peruano vicky pelaez y segun su abogadta no estaria interesada en quedarse en rusia y prefereria instalarse en peru o en brasil donde tambien tiene familiares..el gobierno ruso le habria ofrecido vivienda gratuita, 2 mil dolares mensuales por vida y visas para sus hijos... a estas horas ya llegaron al aeropuerto internacional dulles los cuatro espias liberados por rusia.. la ex-rehen de la farc, ingrid betancourt y su familia han presentado dos demandas en
drought, mainly maryland. a good chance of rain today. as the cold front pushes slowly to the east, saturday looks pretty damp. sunday looks sunny. partly cloudy today with a few isolated thundershowers later today. more on that weekend straight ahead. >>> thrilling ride around town. no problems on the beltway or interstate. let's look at route 4 and route 5, 228, 210 all good into oxon hill, love the chip to annapolis. baltimore washington parkway looks clean. no issues according to metrorail. everything is on time. driving through virginia, 66, 95, 395 moving at speed. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 12 of the 100 railcars metropolitan of service are back on the tracks. it moved to the cars -- rumbled to the cars because of concerns the doors could open while in motion. six cars are being checked and returned to service today. the job should be complete by the end of the month. >>> even g4 degrees in rosslyn. >>> we will tell you about the latest trend for vending machines that is for adults only. we'll have details. >>> they are taking history and saying it does not matter. >> e
of water main breaks in did d.c., maryland and virginia that has left many with limited water service in the heat wave. the latest break happened in it arlington around 10:00 this morning at the intersection of second street and courthouse road. it left several customers in the immediate area without water. traffic has also been slowed. crews were hoping to have the pipes fixed by early this evening, but they say problems with the pipe valves could hold up those repairs. >>> repairs have wrapped up on a main located in the 2700 block 6 pennsylvania avenue. it left 200 customers without water this morning including a nearby firehouse. the pipe is now fixed and water has been restored to the area. >>> there is a chance of thunderstorms tonight and a possible wet weekend, too. >> veronica johnson is standing by and tells us what we can expect as we head right into the weekend. >> i don't think we'll have any widespread severe weather across the area, but we could have one or two cells that put down high winds through the area. and of course we need the rain. so we'll take it in the form
church versus the family of a maryland marine. >>> some much needed rain headed for the region. >>> some much needed rain headed for the region. i'm bob turk, and i'll have ,, to a 100% fiber optic picture. to more hd channels than cable. it's also the ultimate on-demand hd movie experience with the movie poster gallery. and the ability to search your hd titles by content or actor, not just title. by changing that old cable technology, your hd tv can finally reach its lofty potential. it's time for fios. visit verizon.com/fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. i'd like nonstop travel because it's quicker. because it's convenient. it's just the best way to go. keeps the cost down. [ male announcer ] fly southwest airlines nonstop out of bwi airport. it means more time doing the things i want to do. it's easy. it's hassle-free. there's no headaches. [ male announcer ] fly southwest airlines nonstop to milwaukee for just $69 one-way. i like nonstop travel because... you don't got any more stuff. [ laughter ] [ ding ] >>> it is 81 degrees with s
the showerssmove out of few showers in western maryland3 but the front is sitting over the midwest. over indiana and ohio. some heavy storms about to make3 the way throogh hughes uville kennucky at this time. but that heads our direction by %-tomorrow.oon, evening and saturday so we have some relief on tte way in the form of rain and cooler temperatures. tomorrow looking at a highhin thh lower 90s. but we will get a few thunderrtorrs by late affernoon. back to you. >> thank you, vytas. >> unsealed ccurttdocuments revval new informaaion about th3 deadly beating of formerú baltimore staa ayeardley love. documents show conflicting infoomation about what loveewas her ex-boyfriend george huguely is accused of killing him, he told investigators love was wearing a black t-shirt the night of the murder. but witnesses ay when they found love she was only wearing underwear. huguely said the killing was an accident, but some lawyers say this evidence could prove premed tateed murder. >>>if, in fact, she was wearrng a t-shirt when he arrived. it was off the body at the time that she wassfound. that preced
, maryland." this will be the best show you will see all week. no other tv station will be able to tell you the story we are about to tell you. i'm jamie costello. if you are wondering where megan pringle is, that's part of the story. we've sent her on the go right now to the inner harbor in downtown baltimore for a unique event this morning. good morning, megan. >> good morning, jamie, i would say that i miss you, but come on. i've got the harbor behind me and it is a beautiful fry. you are right are, you won't see a story like this on television anywhere else. we have a great story to tell, and look at everybody. we've got a crowd out here. [ cheers and applause ] listen. [ cheers and applause ] a good looking happy crowd. if you are sitting at home and have nothing to do and you have the day off, whatever your situation is, be late for work today, come out and join us because we all need to feel good these days. this story will make you feel good. stay with us. we have a huge surprise for you coming up. again, we'll make you wait for it. jamie, back to you. >> it's 30 degrees cooler than
that stretch from northeastern maryland right down to near chestertown and just about 20 miles to the west of oxford and st. michael's. there is another cluster of some showers and thundershowers near the blackwater national wildlife refuge just to the southeast of cambridge. those two are heading off to the west and will be crossing the bay in another hour or so. if they hold together, they will be moving into anne arundel and calvert and st. mary's counties and perhaps up toward baltimore in about another two hours, it appears, is the timing right now. the temperatures are in the mid-80s from washington and all around the suburbs around the beltway. prince george's county, arlington, fairfax and montgomery in the low to mid-80s, right near the bay with the wind coming in, it's near 80 degrees. right now, ocean city is at 83. the dew point is 78. that is oppressive humidity. our dew point is ten degrees cooler. it is still rather humid even at 68. theirs is 78 at ocean city. right now, out of the mountains, in the low 80s there, not quite as humid in western maryland and much of west virg
verizon.com/fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>baltimore is the deaddiest city in maryland for aggressive pedestrrans theii lives. %-city is trying to put the ras on theeaggressive driving. >> reporter: it'' been a week but there's still piercing pain. >> i landed on my arm. >> reporter: for shawna is the victim of a hit and run driver. >> i don't know. i didn't see the driver. ii was like a gllre. >> reporter: she is four months pregnant, there was no injury to the baby but she has scrapps and bruises on her arms3 and hands from the incident. meses saa police say a dark colv struck her. she had the green light. ú%icken. i was coming this way, and i went overrand i was in the ir. that was the end of it. i fell on my ace and my stomach really, really hard, and he kept going. >> reporter: and she is one the latest peddstrians struck in %-baltimore city has the ighest rate of 31% of the total number of pedestriaa crashes in marylandd transporration offfcials say tyyically speed is why there's soomany accidents. >> a speedinn in the city of baltimore is -- it's very ú%gh volume of p
of traffic between the beltway and seminary road at duke street. where did everybody go? let's go to maryland. to the outer loop is running a speech at new hampshire ave. we will keep an eye on this side of the building. newschopper 7 will join us in a little while. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> d.c. police are investigating a double shooting in southeast overnight. one victim shot in the 3500 block of 19th street and the second victim shot in the 3400 block of stanton road. both transported to the hospital and one of them in grave condition. if no suspects or motives. >>> we turn to a major cold war style trade. tens eyes are heading back to moscow in exchange for four people accused of betraying russia. we are learning more about what is going on behind the scenes in all of this. -- 10 spies getting back to moscow. >>> >> the 10 are on the way back to russia in return for four military and intelligence officers held by russia accused of spying for the west. some of these individuals are in poor health. prosecutors say that the 10 people never collected sensitive information but the cas
the maryland duke game. >>> and topper has the forecast. >>> another day in the 90s. we will take you out with the almanac. access this at wusa9.com. 93 and 76 in the books. average is 88 and 71. the record was safe today at 104. the record low well safe at 55. we will talk about a cold front and prospect of showers and thunderstorms and update the weekend forecast. ♪ (announcer) we all want to stay active. we don't want anything... ...to slow us down. but even in your 30s... ...your bones can begin to change. overtime, you can begin to have bone loss. calcium and vitamin d work together to help keep your bones strong. and yoplait gives you... ...20% of your daily calcium... ...and is the only leading yogurt with vitamin d in every cup. keep your bones strong every day... ...with yoplait. >>> charlottesville investigators released new information today in the yeardley love murder case. police believe they now have a crucial piece of evidence, a t- shirt that had been missing from love's apartment. they say her parents turned in the shirt. and police believe it could have trace evidence
george's, arlington and fairfax county and eastern shore mid-70s. in the mountains of western maryland woe're in the mid-60s. we've had the showers and thundershowers exiting the area coming from an area of low pressure that is rotating east of cape hatteras at that time and giving us an easterly flow. it's still going to be humid, reaching 90 or so. we have a small chance of an afternoon thundershower. greater chance later tonight. jerry, how's the traffic? >> very quiet start to the friday morning commute, along 270 southbound from germantown past rockville to the split, starting off quietly. in northern virginia, 95 northbound up to 395, moving along without delay. pretty light volume so far. >> thanks, very much. it's been 12 days since vanessa pham was found in her wrecked overturned car. police have no motive or suspects. officers are reaching out to the community for help. darcy spencer reports. >> reporter: fairfax county police go door to door distributing flyers in the vanessa pham murder investigation. she was found dead in her car a week and a half ago. police are going to
an eye out for some showers. >>> "good morning, maryland," i'm meteorologist justin berk. perhaps you noticed the increase in humidity today. that will actually come with the chance of maybe showers and thunderstorms to break some of this heat and the drought conditions that are building across the area. we go with 92 with our two degree guarantee. better shower as cross the bay and eastern shore. scattered showers 74. only low 80s, more widespread and heavy rains and flooding tomorrow. we're back into the low 90s. sunny into next week. thanks so much. more on your weekend outlook a little bit later on in the show. >>> you know, robin and george, the crowds are starting to spill in to see the "american idol" top ten guys. we saw them sneaking in. they're very excited to perform for us this morning. >> we'll join you out there in a bit, marysol. >> hear the cheers already. >>> also coming up, a bombshell in the kyron horman case. kyron's father says his wife is involved. he's accusing her of lying to police. also accusing her of trying to kill him. we'll hear from kaine horman ahead. >
of times. now maryland farmerser facing financial concerns struggling to save their crops from this extreme heat and lack of rain. they're looking at huge losses. >> we need water desperately. there's no moisture in that ground. >> reporter: jamie jamison and his son have 5,000 acres, mostly corn and soybeans now withering in the heat. >> this corn is really taking it on the chin pretty good now. >> reporter: the pollen is burning instead of fertilizing the corn. without rain in the next week to ten days, the poolesville farmer expects to lose half his crop. >> nobody is going to lead that -- to eat that. >> reporter: the soybeans don't look any better. >> they ought to be up to my knee. they're about half what they should be all because of the dry weather that we've had. >> reporter: these corn stalks are already beginning to die off. it has the makings of a natural disaster. in fact, maryland's department of agriculture says two thirpds of the state's -- two-thirds of the state's crops are now in moderate drought. >> for some of my compatriots, it may bankrupt them. >> reporter: a smaller
>>> that's it for news 4 at 5:00. >> news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. >>> a maryland man behind bars accused of sexually assaulting a teenager he met on myspace. >>> crews work to go clean up thes massive oil leak say a new cap could contain the spill within the next few days. >>> hundreds of northern virginia residents upset by the decision to close an 80-year-old lemt tar school. but first tonight at 6:00, the largest spy swap between the united states and russia since the cold war is now complete. good evening, everybody. >> the u.s. traded ten arrested russian spies for four people convicted of betraying moscow to the west. about 30 minutes ago, a charter plane carrying the spies swapped landed at dulles international airport here. this is the live picture from our chopper 4. we'll have a live report from dulles in just a moment, but we begin with nbc's martin fletcher. >> reporter: it was the quickest spy swap experts can remember. arranged in a matter of days to quickly end an embarrassing spy scandal between the united states and russia. russia didn't want the embarrassme
to curled because of not enough water. >> most of central maryland is experiencing a modern agricultural drought. this is the hottest it has been this early in the summer in 22 years. >> over the next four days to five days, we will see some real trouble in the bean crops and the corn crops and any crop that is not under irrigation. >> corn is also slowly drying of thirst. it is starting to burn from the bottom up. the leaves are curled. >> it is just protecting itself. it is protecting itself from a wide-open, just like your and died laying out in the sun, we would try to curl up to protect ourselves to withstand it. >> this can interfere with colonization. you may not recognize sweet corn when it hits the shelves. >> the kernels will be mismatched. there will be some kernels at the top. it will have a lot smaller ears. >> we checked with the chief compress the mire. since -- with some chief tom passemier. >> a massive medicine recall includes tylenol. >> a local teacher could have taught your father and your father's father is being honored by baltimore county. new research on childhoo
of maryland. we will look for showers to become more numerous in the overnight hours. the national weather service has issued a flash flood warning to the west of the seed there will be some sort of -- to the west of d.c. 1 inch of rain by the time the system moves out of here. look for a chance of an isolated thunderstorm, but otherwise partly sunny. there is a cool down and warm up on the way. >> coming up, why "wonder woman" was involved in a court case. >> why a metro train was on the wrong tracks. >> how well have local bars gun during the world cup? to a 100% fiber optic picture. to more hd channels than cable. it's also the ultimate on-demand hd movie experience with the movie poster gallery. and the ability to search your hd titles by content or actor, not just title. by changing that old cable technology, your hd tv can finally reach its lofty potential. it's time for fios. visit verizon.com/fios. customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> a close call for metro after a train went on to the wrong tracks. a passenger noticed the train was going the wrong way. metro says
are lower than the state-wide maryland average and says she doesn't have enough information. additional information could help provide more address. the community meeting is saturday at 4:00 at the morning side inn. anita. >> thank you, gary. >>> another controversial opinion about marriage in the commonwealth. and it's left some local married couples wondering if they're living in sin. we're live with andrea with explanation. >> reporter: well, anita, this is the legal opinion that sparked the controversy. a court clerk in prince williams county asked the attorney general about a couple with a virginia marriage license whose ceremony was performed by someone authorized in virginia. but they held their wedding in bethesda, maryland. well, the attorney general said marriages taking place outside of the state are not valid in the commonwealth. as the song goes, happy loving couples make it look so easy. but that may not be the case when it comes to marriage in virginia. >> so we're not married this week. that's good. >> i'm very surprised to hear that that is even an issue. it shocks me.
time. >>> a frederick county, maryland family is battling cancer and they want other cancer patients to come forward. the family wants to know if fort detrick, just outside of the city of frederick, is causing cancer through environmental pollution. gary reports they have scheduled a town meeting this weekend in order to gather information. >> sit on this couch right here. >> reporter: debra cross is only 52. >> in january, i just started to feel bad with my back. >> reporter: after the tests. >> i saw my left kidney was totally, you know, one big tumor. and then they saw it had metastasized. >> reporter: she lived for ten years with her family near fort detrick's area b. a history of contamination, millions spent to clean it up. >> my daughter passed away two years ago from a brain tumor. >> reporter: and daughter angie is fighting a brain tumor. >> these things pop up within two years of each other. >> she contacted classmates from frederick high. >> a lot of my friends are being serious cancers. >> i was diagnosed with nonhodgkin's lymphoma when i was 26 years old. >> reporter: th
to watercooler@wbaltv.com. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. [ woman ] for fast relief of itchy, irritated skin, try cortizone-10 easy relief applicator, the strongest itch relief medicine with no-mess healing. cortizone-10 easy relief applicator. specially trained technicians cput every car we sell through a 125 point inspection. carmax is the smart choice because at carmax you get a free appraisal and your written offer to buy your car good for seven days. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. still dealing with the water main break. one lane is closed in each direction. west northern parkway will be your alternate there if you would like to avoid that. there is a situation at the bay bridge, an accident blocking the left lane. some live drive times for you. 11 minutes and nine minutes on 895 southbound. no problems to report. a live look at the beltway here york road. the inner and outer lips are moving just fine. a live look at 50. you can see it is looking very nice in both direc
is going on at the beltway here. seeing no delays, just some coming out of maryland into virginia. actually having a pretty good day. 270, just heard about a car fire that may have slowed things down. i am eric thomas. >>> coming up, seven is on your side with how the current vampire fat could be kidding -- putting kids at risk. -- vampire fad. >> there are only two world cup games left. the german of the post has made his final predictions. -- the german octopus [ male announcer ] your tv is starting to feel nervous. it heard what happened to the vcr and the cassette player. and the answering machine. it knows what happens to obsolete technology around here. what you need to help your tv understand is it's not the one that's obsolete. it's the cable technology that's obsolete and fios is the one making it obsolete. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities visit verizon.com/fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> the search for kyron horman continues tonight. police are narrowing in on his stepmother. his biological parents are united in their frustration
tonight. >>> the news edge on maryland. a busy bank robber is on the move in prince george's county. police believe this man robbed six banks in largo and bowie since march. in each the robber posed as a customer, handed the teller a note demanding money. nobody was hurt at any of the scenes. >>> no power, no ac in this heat wave. thousands still have no electricity and some like this 67-year-old retiree had to throw out hundreds of dollars worth of frozen food. jesse graham ended up borrowing money from a friend to buy more. they had to replace several blocks of burnt out cables. >> four blocks underground, that's a lot of real estate. to find a problem, pull out the cable. then we pulled out the cable and found out we needed to reinforce that situation so we had to go back in and put in more cable. >> power outages affect people in the district, montgomery county and prince george's counties. the latest numbers pepco reporting more than 3600 people still without pow wire tonight. with no ac in the stifling heat, when can we expect a break from the heat wave? got a little bit of on
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